My Mom and I Are Getting an Apartment Together

When my mother fell down a flight of stairs, she ended up in a rehab center for months. Because of this, she ended up losing her apartment, which depressed her even more. She asked me if she could stay with me for a few weeks or so until she got back on her feet, but I wanted to do more than that for her. I only had a one bedroom apartment, and I did not want to see her sleeping on the couch. Instead, I looked for two bedroom apartments for rent in Henderson NV.

My mom had taken care of me for the first 20 years of my life, and I did consider it an honor that I was able to help her. She was not poor, but she knew that she would need some help before trying to get her own apartment again. (more…)

Getting Educated on Our Nation’s Political Happenings

I read a Trump news feed every morning. I love getting my political news from it because it takes the big stories from a number of other news sources. It will show a picture of something pertaining to the article. To the right of the picture is the headline with the title of the article along with a small blurb that tells something about the article. It then shows the source of the article along with the date and time that it was uploaded to the news feed site of Trump news. Below the picture are two buttons. The first is for comments on the article, and the second one is to actually read the article. (more…)

I Am So Glad to Call This Home

I did not have a lot of time to find a new apartment, so I was not too hopeful that I would find one that I really liked a lot. I figured I would have to settle for something and then hopefully find something before my lease ran out. That is not what happened though. I knew the fastest way to look at Richardson apartments would be to go online, especially since I needed an apartment like yesterday. Well, it might not have been that bad, but I did need to find one as quickly as possible, so going online for help was the best option for me.

I did a search and came across a wide range of apartments. (more…)