Getting Educated on Our Nation’s Political Happenings

I read a Trump news feed every morning. I love getting my political news from it because it takes the big stories from a number of other news sources. It will show a picture of something pertaining to the article. To the right of the picture is the headline with the title of the article along with a small blurb that tells something about the article. It then shows the source of the article along with the date and time that it was uploaded to the news feed site of Trump news. Below the picture are two buttons. The first is for comments on the article, and the second one is to actually read the article.

Clicking on the second button takes me right to the source of the article. I am often able to read the article there as well as comments left on that organization’s website. I like reading others comments when it is done respectfully, which I find that most news websites readers just don’t do anymore. That is why I like that I can also comment on the news article I read on the actual feed page where it shows all of the articles too.

That way, I can read others who want just the facts too. Sure, there are a few spammers here and there in the comments, but you are going to get that anywhere. I have noticed a much higher rate of respectable comments though, and I have even considered my own opinion after interacting with some others about their opinions on important matters concerning our federal government. I have enjoyed reading about our president and his staff a lot more since finding this news resource, and I feel that I am much better educated about what is going on in our great nation too.