I Am So Glad to Call This Home

I did not have a lot of time to find a new apartment, so I was not too hopeful that I would find one that I really liked a lot. I figured I would have to settle for something and then hopefully find something before my lease ran out. That is not what happened though. I knew the fastest way to look at Richardson apartments would be to go online, especially since I needed an apartment like yesterday. Well, it might not have been that bad, but I did need to find one as quickly as possible, so going online for help was the best option for me.

I did a search and came across a wide range of apartments. I knew that I needed a two bedroom apartment because I wanted to have a guest room slash home office. It would be nice to have a bedroom for my sister when she comes to visit, which is at least every couple of months. I also wanted to use it for my desk and computer because I was tired of cluttering up my living room with that. When I saw the two bedroom unit that I now live in, I knew that I definitely would not be settling.

The layout is so cool. I have lived in several apartments, but this is the first one that is two stories. On the first floor is the living room, the kitchen and dining room, the laundry, and a half bath. The upstairs has the master bedroom, the guest room slash home office, and a full bath. The closets are huge, and there is even a pantry in the kitchen and a coat closet on the first level. This is definitely where I want to be, and I am so glad that I am able to call it home.