My Mom and I Are Getting an Apartment Together

When my mother fell down a flight of stairs, she ended up in a rehab center for months. Because of this, she ended up losing her apartment, which depressed her even more. She asked me if she could stay with me for a few weeks or so until she got back on her feet, but I wanted to do more than that for her. I only had a one bedroom apartment, and I did not want to see her sleeping on the couch. Instead, I looked for two bedroom apartments for rent in Henderson NV.

My mom had taken care of me for the first 20 years of my life, and I did consider it an honor that I was able to help her. She was not poor, but she knew that she would need some help before trying to get her own apartment again. When I showed her the two bedroom unit that I had found in Henderson, she was as impressed as I was when I first found it. What I especially liked about it was that there is a fitness center with the same equipment that she was using in rehab. She was no longer using the smaller and more limited pieces of equipment, so this was perfect for her.

The apartments are also really nice. Both of us had our own one bedroom apartments before this merger, and this two bedroom unit put both of ours to shame. The one we have has a nice patio, a fireplace, two bathrooms so we each have one, large closets, a laundry area, and so much more. There really is not anything to not like, which is why it was so easy for both of us to agree to this new arrangement. I don’t know how long it will last before one of us moves on, so we are both just enjoying every day right now!